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The Documentation and digitalization of the cultural history of a nation are innovative means to record and safeguard the cultural identity of a people. This current trend has museums across the globe playing a key role in keeping the cultural heritage of the respective nation safe and most importantly making it accessible to the community.

The Caribbean, although a region with rich and ‘colorful’ social histories, it is still in much need of a safeguarded memory. Museum objects are mere reflections of the lifestyle, culture, and emotions felt from a group of people during a period. therefore, it is safe to say that the music, architecture, weather, and ethnic mixtures have most definitely contributed with creating what each nation considers to be their national heritage.

Some of us are lucky enough to stumble across a unique object that is part of the Caribbean Cultural Heritage. At times a piece might even be one of its kind, making it too precious to exhibit in a museum. These rarities are without a doubt, a great asset to a website where the Cultural Heritage from the Caribbean is showcased. These assets are what we call Museum ‘Treasures’. A museum can make use of the opportunity to exhibit the most unique objects that a participating museum has in its collections.

The National Archaeological Anthropological Memory Management (NAAM) initiated a process to establish a website where the cultural heritage of the Caribbean1 is made accessible to the public. One of NAAM’s missions as an expertise center is to promote and educate the national cultural heritage of the Netherlands Antilles to the community.

As of 2010 the Dutch Antilles will no longer exist and the NAAM’s vision is to focus beyond the fragmentation and to look for an inter-Caribbean cooperation to bring all the islands together. This website is therefore intended for all the islands of the Caribbean and our goal is provide it in 6 different languages. This initiative is mainly sponsored by the Mondriaan2 Foundation and participating partners.

Although there are many organizations in the Caribbean that are actively involved in the preservation of the cultural heritage, there is no platform where the Caribbean islands can come together to openly share their expertise. Museums or institutes that have a unique object that has a cultural-historical value from the Caribbean in their collection are welcome to participate. A museum or heritage institute that is not located in the Caribbean is also welcome to participate as long as it fits in with the above criterion.

This website is set to launch in July together with three museum partners: the Bonaire Museum, Curacao Museum, and Maduro Library. This type of expertise is much needed to bring the island nations together, and for the communities to learn and appreciate the ‘colorful’ variations of our heritage.

The ‘treasures’ on the website will enlighten the collective memories of the region. Our vision is for the visitor to travel through Millennia of cultural diversity in the Caribbean. From the indigenous people who inhabited our region 40003 years ago up until the past 500 years of colonization which brought different ethnic groups to the islands. Each ethnic group that has settled in our region came under different circumstances yet each has made significant contributions to the way our societies function today.
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